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Introduction of Phantom-S2016.10.27

At the same time when mainstream media are focusing on the Power Wall of Tesla, Pylon Tech has reach consensus with most PV components and inverter provider. At the same time when Tesla promotional efforts for the future products aggressively, the HESS products from Pylon Tech has already been used commercially for 2 years, entered into more than 5000 families.

With the commercial operating experience in Europe and Australia and base on the Gen 1 product, our brand new leading product of HESS industry ‘Phantom S’ has reach a subversive innovation progress. Under the fashionable designed surface, the surprisingly features of Phantom S include: (a) Dual CPU, with the impulsion resistance of instant high ripple current up to 900A, and highest standard of EMC electromagnetic immunity which ensure the safety; (b) Peak discharge current up to 2C, which is six times to the Power Wall from Tesla which can afford more household appliances; (c) Could be fully charged within 30 mins which brings high utilization efficiency; (d) With the ‘power cube’ concept, the modular designed product can customize the power capacity. (e) Brand-new panel and quick plug terminal design will bring the most convenience user experience.

Pylon Tech own the most advanced LFP HVESS. With the ‘Power Cube’ modular design, such system could customize the voltage at the range of 300 - 1000V. The intellectualized system ensure the high efficiency and safety of energy dispatch which also can be installed quickly for industrial and commercial energy storage application.

With the integrated industry chain from material to BMS, Pylon Tech has already complete integration with most of the global famous inverter producers which could let us provide the more comprehensive solution to customers.

Pylon Tech is the most professional Lithium battery integrated solution provider with core patents and scale production in terms of every core parts such as cathode material, cell, BMS and etc. Among the global leaders of Lithium battery ESS industry and explorers of power battery industry, the Pylon products has been widely applied globally and became the partner of several global companies act as the industrial grade Lithium battery system scheme provider.

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