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Welcome to Pylon Technologies, Co. Ltd,

Pylontech 10 Years Dedication
to Energy Storage

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Wen Tan


A decade ago, we embarked on a journey in the energy storage realm. Today, we celebrate not only the 10th anniversary of our energy storage systems but also a decade of dedication and innovation that has shaped the industry.

We’re here because of your great support. I’m grateful for our remarkable team, partners, and customers who’ve been pivotal to the journey. As we mark this milestone, let’s look forward to the next decade of the journey to sustainability.

Thank you for being part of our journey.

Our Journey




Deployed the solution for BESS


Mass production for Europe and Australia


Domestic Grid-Scale BESS Deployment


1Gwh BESS shipped globally


1.5GWh New Capacity built


Listed on STAR Market Stock


Top 2 Residential Supplier Globally


MSCI Adds Pylontech to China A On shore Index

Pylontech Named on Forbes China 50 Most Innovative Companies

Ranks No.1 Residential Energy Storage System Provider


Announces to Establish Its First Overseas Factory

Greeting from The Management Team

Geoffrey Song

Vice President (International)

Pylontech, a company with 13 years of experience, ventured into the energy storage market in 2013 when there was little business potential. We developed new business case and the product. We did have the good time, bad time, challenge time, and also wonderful enjoyable times over the past 10 years. Only by working with the industry, working with the great age, and also working with our shareholders, our stakeholders, our employees, we could achieve the No.1 globally residential energy storage supplier last year.

We see the era of decarbonization and electrification combined with advancements in information technology. Pylontech will definitely devote our intelligence, our resource, our talents, together with our global partners to realize the future in the next decades.

Lu Shi

Vice President (R&D, Manufacturing)

My 10 years at Pylontech have been an incredible journey. Thank you to our partners, customers, friends, and our dedicated team. Your unwavering support has been the cornerstone of our success.

Reflecting on the past decade, Pylontech has strived to provide cutting-edge lithium battery energy storage solutions. Our investments in R&D have fortified our capabilities, offering competitive products that cater to diverse energy storage needs.

While we've achieved much, our pursuit of excellence continues. We're committed to enhancing our products' performance and competitiveness, alongside refining our services to prioritize customer satisfaction.

Qingheng Yang

Vice President (R&D, Manufacturing)

Over the past decade, we have established a dedicated battery research institute that focuses on the R&D of cells. Our team consists of over 200 highly qualified members, with more than 80% holding a master's or doctorate degree. We persistently allocate more than 5% of our budget to research and development annually.

Our fully automated production line includes 1,500 integrated management and control points to ensure reliability and standardization. This allows us to maintain consistent quality throughout the manufacturing process.

Moving forward, We will persist in making significant investments in research and development, improving product performance, increasing efficiency, and elevating service quality to generate exceptional value for our customers.

Greeting from OUR PARTNERS

Mr. RIvadulla

Congratulations Pylontech. Within a mere 10-year span, you have successfully established a globally recognized brand in the field of energy storage. Thanks to your excellent support and quality, we have been able to cultivate a group of loyal customers who prefer us on a daily basis. We are delighted to have played a part in your success and look forward to continuing our collaboration for many more years to come.

Mr. Janiszewski

I want to thank you and wish you all the best for your 10 years anniversary. It is a great pleasure working with you on a daily basis. I still remember how we started one year ago and see where we are right now. It was a really great, great pleasure. I’m convinced that all the best is still to come.


It has been one decade since the first establishment of Pylontech. How exciting it is. I remember the first day of doing business with Pylontech. Till now, there is a big progress, and also Pylontech support team makes the business enjoyable for both parties. And I hope next fifty years, hundred years together.

Mr. 栗本

Over the past decade, Pylontech's remarkable growth has strengthened its position globally, including Europe and Australia. Since 2014, we have started to cooperate with Pylontech and expand our market presence rapidly with its Powerful performance and stable quality. Let's work together and strive towards the next 10 years and beyond.

Mr. Liavador

We want to give you our deepest congratulations for these 10 years of continuous growth and expansion. It's amazing. We still remember our first words when we started the journey together. Look at us now, we have managed to find our place in this difficult market, but this is just the beginning. Congratulations and for many, many, many more years on this path together.

Ms. Kuselova

Congratulations Pylontech on your 10th anniversary! We have watched this great company growing up so fast and become one of the top suppliers of lithium battery storage worldwide. . Our experience with Pylontech is amazing. We are proud to work with your talented team and look forward to many more years of collaboration.

Mr. Ritz

I cannot believe that Pylontech has only 10 years in the energy storage industry, because your products are so stable and mature that one would think that must have taken decades of development to get them up to this level. Congratulation!

Mr. Robertson

We’ve been distributing Pylontech products proudly in Australia since 2013. I’d like to congratulate Pylontech on their efforts for producing such wonderful products into the market. And we wish you all the best in the future.

Mr. Fischer

Our team in the Czech market has been cooperating with Pylontech since the year 2017. Our relationship has been always based on trust, reliability and mutual understanding. For us Pylontech represents technical superiority in the field of ESS and state of the art technology. Congratulations Pylontech on your 10th anniversary! Well done!

Mr. Cortés

We are working exclusively with Pylontech since 2020 and are so proud to belong to this special family, helping one another to achieve this benchmark. We would like to congratulate you on your great job, during the last ten years which has turned you into the first BESS brand in the world. Thank you for your support, we would like to remain alongside you during the next 10 years.

Mr. Tinazzi

We grew up together. Pylontech and Energy grew up in this incredible trajectory of growth and selling all over Europe and all over the world. At the very beginning, we were really among the fewest doing this job. But we have been pioneering technology. Still now we are doing that. Energy and Pylontech after ten years are still leaders. So let's continue like that. Let's let the others follow us.

Mr. Taffurelli

For these important milestones, it's very a pleasure to say happy birthday to Pylontech for these 10 years. We're cooperate together and we grow up together. So happy birthday again and with Pylontech for the next years and for the next time.

Mr. Anthony

What a great occasion to celebrate this decade. I’m so proud of what the team has achieved, and the little part I have played in the beginning of Pylontech. Congratulations to a wonderful group of people who achieved so much, and years more to come. The next decade looks really exciting.

Voice from Our Employee

Fanjun LiProduct Director

I joined Pylontech at its very beginning in 2009, taking on responsibilities related to building the product team, product development and technical management. We took the lead in energy storage R&D and successfully delivered our first energy storage product in 2013.

As we progressed, we discovered the impressive qualities of lithium batteries. We hold a firm belief that exceptional products and advanced technologies inherently possess the vitality to thrive. We now have stronger R&D capabilities, more resources, and a deeper understanding of our products. We anticipate multiple opportunities to advance alongside our customers, create superior products, and innovate cutting-edge technologies.

Spenser CheungTechnical Director

Since joining Pylontech in 2016,Pylontech has expanded its business to include C&I applications and small portable/mobile battery bank solutions.We do see that Pylontech is providing more benefits for the varying application scenario and also providing more added value for the end customer.

We did encounter some issues and challenges when we start delivery and commissioning of our solutions, especially during the newly released solutions. The issues and challenges not only helped us to improve our product for the safety and intelligence of the design it also helps us to build our very amazing local service and support team. Moving forward, we strive to provide higher performance, longer lifespan, and intelligent designs.

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