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Pylontech Meets Booming Global Energy Storage Demand with Dedicated Innovative R&D

SHANGHAI, Feb. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- One of the world's leading providers of Energy Storage System (ESS) solutions Pylon Technologies Co., Ltd. ("Pylontech" or the "Company"), has announced that despite a tight schedule, they are on track with the plan to expand to 4GWh within three years.

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ITP Battery Testing Report 9 – September 2020

ITP Renewables publishes six-monthly reports which describe results to date and lessons learned

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New Compatibility Announcement ( Schneider and Pylontech)

New Compatibility Announcement
Schneider Conext XW Pro inverter is compatible with Pylontech Low voltage battery storage system

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Pylontech- First enterprise who obtained TüV Rheinland IEC63056 new standard Certification

After passing the first UL9540A:2019 evaluating Thermal Runaway Fire Propagation Confirmation, Pylontech obtained the first IEC63056:2020 Certification again in the short time.

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Pylontech-The First enterprise who passed the BESS thermal runaway evaluation of the latest TüV Rheinland UL9540A:2019 testing

Recently, TüV Rheinland Group (hereinafter referred to as "TüV Rheinland") present an award to PF37M LFP cell and C&I ESS Powercube M1 which belong to Pylon Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Pylontech) the first TüV Rheinlan evaluation report of UL9540A:2019 thermal runaway flame spread. Pylontech is also the first enterprise who passed the latest ve...

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2020 Finalist of ESS award

Pylontech’s ESS solutions had been serving hundreds of thousands of customers globally. We kept low profile and just focused on technology, product developments and market penetration. Being nominated really makes great sense for us since this is the first time we applied the award and we are expecting to be awarded, we are definitely more proactive to use our exposure...

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ITP Battery Testing Report 8 – April 2020

Estimated full charge capaciy per cycle by the Pylontech battery pack.

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New Compatibility Announcement (Victron and Pylontech)

Pylontech UP2500 is compatible with Victron 24V inverters

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ITP testing report-Pylontech Lithium ion battery US2000

Overall, the Sony (Phase 1) and Pylontech (Phase 2) battery packs are demonstrating excellent capacity retention based on cycles completed to date.

Round-trip efficiency between 85-95% has been observed for both the lead-acid and lithium-ion technologies, while linear extrapolation of capacity retention to date suggests that between 2,000 - 6,000 cycles can be...

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Pylontech’s forward moves-talks with Smart Energy Council

Pylontech, a high-tech company founded 10 years ago in Shanghai, officially
launched its energy storage system (ESS) business in Australia in 2014. At that
time, many were unaware of the key role of ESS or deterred by the ultraexpensive Li-Ion battery prices. But things have changed.

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Statement is not our official website.The owner of is Nova Sun who has none relationship with us. We neither authorized Nova Sun to be our distributor nor empowered them to produce or sell our products.

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Ingeteam's hybrid inverter is now compatible with Pylontech's HV batteries

Ingeteam and Pylontech have tested and certified, at their respective R&D laboratories, the compatibility of Ingeteam's hybrid inverter (PV inverter + batteries) with Pylontech's HV batteries. Specifically, the INGECON? SUN STORAGE 1Play inverter and the POWERCUBE X1/X2 and FORCE H1/H2 batteries were tested.

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Come to Pylontech booth B1.130 and together our Force United.

Witnessing the rejuvenation of Chinese culture?
Peering with the new business philosophy root from ancient Chinese sages?
Seeing the rising ESS star from the long history nation?
Come to Pylontech booth B1.130 and together our Force United.

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Pylontech lounched New Force series products in ESS Europe/Intersolar Munich 2018

Pylontech lounched New Force series products in ESS Europe/Intersolar Munich 2018

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Updated 2018 Pylontech Exhibition news

Exhibition information at PYLONTECH 2018

1. Intersolar Europe 2018 B1.130
2. SNEC 2018 E5-556
3. Solar Power International 2018 3820
4. ALL Energy 2018 Hall 4. 2828

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