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New Compatibility Announcement (Victron and Pylontech)2020.05.26

Venus OS v2.54 – Adding the 24V Pylontech UP2500 battery and more

Good morning!

Today we’re releasing a new version of Venus OS – the software at the heart of our GX Product range.

This update adds compatibility with the Pylontech UP2500 module: a 24V managed lithium battery. More information can be found in the detailed instructions for Pylontech batteries.

Other than that, this update contains bug fixes and small improvements:
Fix “Could not connect to the MQTT server” bug in the Marine MFD App, aka Glass bridge integration. It worked well in most systems, but not when “VRM Two Way Communication” was enabled in a system without internet connection. Now, even when there is no internet, enabling that setting does not cause any issue.
Fix a bug in relation to Fronius PV Inverters that caused some systems to read a false 0W output now and then. This issue caused downward spikes in graphs on VRM, and could also affect the Fronius Zero feed-in functionality: all works better now.
Fix issue that (in quite rare cases) resulted in the maximum discharge current and voltage not being communicated to the inverter/charger. Thank you Wilco P. for reporting & helping to fix it.
Fix bug that (in very specific circumstances) caused Assistants to fail to be updated with a new version when using Remote VEConfigure. This bug has been in Venus OS for quite a long time.
Fix certain GPS’s not being recognised on the CANvu GX. Thank you Sturm Udrang for reporting this!
Remove BYD Premium LV battery energy counters, there is a bug in its calculation which will be fixed by BYD soon.
Full change log and how to update
You can find information about how to install the new version of Venus OS here. For the full change log, including previous releases, login to Victron Professional and select Firmware.
Best regards,
Matthijs Vader

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