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Pylontech-The First enterprise who passed the BESS thermal runaway evaluation of the latest TüV Rheinland UL9540A:2019 testing2020.07.02

Pylontech-The First enterprise who passed the BESS thermal runaway evaluation of the latest TüV Rheinland UL9540A:2019 testing

Recently, TüV Rheinland Group (hereinafter referred to as "TüV Rheinland") present an award to PF37M LFP cell and C&I ESS Powercube M1 which belong to Pylon Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Pylontech) the first TüV Rheinlan evaluation report of UL9540A:2019 thermal runaway flame spread. Pylontech is also the first enterprise who passed the latest version of UL9540A:2019 thermal runaway test and technical evaluation successfully .

The safety of ESS is a concern widespread in the industry. The relevant regulations and labels are improving constantly. The American International Fire Protection Code ICC IFC: Chapter 12 of 2018 and the National Fire Protection Association NFPA855 was among the first to proposed the fire protection requirements for ESS installation .These requirements of the regulations all put forward test requirements for the thermal runaway flame spread of BESS which ware introduced to ESS safety standard UL9540:2020 which published this year. Currently UL9540A has has aroused many concern as the only testing standard.
UL9540A is the fourth edition from the first release in 2017 to the 2019 edition of today. The replacement of standards is also help to improve the safety requirements of electric energy storage systems constantly.

The requirements of the fourth edition of UL9540A have also had been changed significantly comparing with the previous edition. The new requirement points out the heating rate to trigger thermal runaway would be 4-7C per minute, which increases the difficulty of the testing, especially for the cells level testing. The detection of the thermal runaway exhaust gas of the cell can be changed a lot with the new requirement.
Firstly. the lower combustion limit LFL detection standard was changed from ASTM E681 to ASTM E918. The measurement of LFL in the heat (cell gas discharge temperature) and measurement of the combustion rate and maximum explosion pressure Pmax of the thermal runaway discharge gas of the cell are added into this new testing standard.
Secondly, for module-level testing, the measurement of smoke emissions which also puts forward higher requirements for the comprehensive service capabilities of third-party certification agencies is required according to new testing standard. The acquisition of the new test report will help the energy storage product to get the approval of local owners, fire protection units and other examination and approval authority with purpose to enter the North American market smoothly .
As a professional third-party accrediting agencies in the BESS and ESS, TüV Rheinland help Pylontech ESS to enhance the highest level of safety in the US market With the advantages of a global service network, localized service team and diversified testing resources. To top it all, the full range of Pylontech C&I ESS had obtained TüV Rheinland certifications in the short time.

Normally, for LFP cell, thermal runaway will happened once the heated temperature is close to 200 °C . In this test, the thermal runaway was not occurred after the cell has been heated to 175 °C ( 10 °C higher than the melting point of the diaphragm) and maintained for 4 hours. Finally the thermal runaway happened until heating temperature reached 280 °C. Pylontech cell was proven to be pretty good performance and Superior safety according to the testing status. During module-level testing, the thermal runaway did not spread to all cells. no fire, no splashes, only a small amount of white smoke, which showing the safety and reliability of the module design.

Powercube M1 with its modular design concept, enables the highest flexibility both for rack mounted and container based constructions, giving the flexibilities for customer to deploy the system nearly in any nodes in the grid, supporting the services such as emergency power, new energy stabilizer,energy shifting, load shaving, grid stabilizer, frequency responding (under de velopment). With our deep experience in BESS (battery energy storage system), vertical industrial chain consolidation and fantastic ROI control, Pylontech Powercube is the trustable system in all ESS application.
From 2016, Pylontech had started the global deployment of C&I ESS. The POWERCUBE M1 system had been widely distributed in Europe, the United States, Australia, and China.

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