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ITP testing report-Pylontech Lithium ion battery US20002020.04.10

About this report

Supported by an $870,000 grant from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency under its Emerging RenewablesProgram, the Lithium Ion Battery Test Centre involves performance testing of conventional and emerging batterytechnologies. The aim of the testing is to independently verify battery performance (capacity fade and round-tripefficiency) against manufacturers’ claims.Six lithium-ion, one conventional lead-acid, and one advanced lead-acid battery packs were installed duringPhase 1 of the trial. The trial was subsequently expanded to include an additional eight lithium-ion packs, a zincbromide flow battery, and an Aquion “saltwater” battery bank.This report describes testing results and general observations or issues encountered thus far with both thePhase 1 and 2 batteries.This report, earlier reports (Reports 1 to 5), and live test results are published at

Part of Executive Summary

Overall, the Sony (Phase 1) and Pylontech (Phase 2) battery packs are demonstrating excellent capacity retention based on cycles completed to date.

Round-trip efficiency between 85-95% has been observed for both the lead-acid and lithium-ion technologies, while linear extrapolation of capacity retention to date suggests that between 2,000 - 6,000 cycles can be delivered by properly functioning lithium-ion battery packs.

Relevant report and testing data. of Pylontech battery

Pylontech US2000B
Operational Issues
ITP has not experienced any operational issues with the Pylontech battery pack.
Capacity Fade
The energy discharged per cycle is shown in Figure 20. The data suggests a SOH of 88% after ~1,150 cycles.

Self performance curve

Capacity Test Performance (computation)

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