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Sub: The self-declaration about counterfeited distributors and their clone website
Dear partners and customers:

Recently, there are companies who are disguised as our authorized distributors to sell counterfeit products with the purpose of profiteering illegally. Their activities have brought about great confusions in the markets and violated relevant Law. Pylontech and our partners are suffering from its consequences.
In order to protect customer interests and safeguard our own legitimate rights, Pylontech has to make official statement to the above egregious behavior.
1. is not our official website.The owner of is Nova Sun who has none relationship with us. We neither authorized Nova Sun to be our distributor nor empowered them to produce or sell our products.
2. Since its inception of Pylontech, is the only offical website we have been running. Pylontech has three branch companies in China with names of Jiangsu Pylon Technologies Co., Ltd., Pylon Battery Co.,Ltd. and Hubei Pylon Technologies Co., Ltd., Currently. And, we have no branches or subsidiaries outside China. Without authorization of Pylontech, no corporation or individual has rights to use “PYLONTECH”、“” and make relevant promotions. Any self-proclaimed distributor or branch without official authorization is an act of infringing.
3. Pylontech is entitled to intellectual properties of US series products, including but not limitted to patents for an invention and appearance design. Pylontech is the only legitimate corporation to produce and sell this series of products.The company and individuals who committed the above-mentioned counterfeiting and infringing acts have no connection with Pylontech and their activities can’t represent Pylontech. The products which provided by Nova Sun doesn’t belong to Pylontech. Pylontech can’t ensure the authenticity, security and legality of their products. Therefore, we call upon our customers to purchase our products directly from Pylontech or from our officialy granted distributors.
4.The above-mentioned activities of disguising as our authorized distributors, manufacturing and sellling our products are suspected of infringements of the company's patent and trademark rights as well as unfair competition behaviors. They are not only serious violations of relevant laws and regulations, but also serious violations of rights and interests of the company, our partners and customers. Pylontech requires that the infringing activities stop immediately and will retain the right of lawsuits.
5. Any questions, please contact as follows:

Pylon Technologies Co., Ltd

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