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Self-developed system enables highest compatibility2016.10.27

Pylon Technologies Co., Ltd.(hereinafter called Pylon Tech) recently finish the integration test with 13 world-widely applied inverter producer which include SOLAX, HYCUBE, REDBACK, SMARTEVER, GOODWE and so on. It also let Pylon Tech becomes the first Lithium ESS manufacturer who complete the universality connection.

Nowadays, the HESS markets of Europe, Australia, Japan and America are expanding rapidly. Meanwhile, a number of global companies such as Tesla, Samsung, LG, BMW and Benz has already entered into such industry. As the domestic leading company in terms of LFP medium and high end solution provider, Pylon Tech keeps focusing on providing convenient and reliable LFP ESS solution with the most stable operating performance. The ‘Phantom’ Gen 2 HESS products which released on Sept. 2015 in US remains the global leading quality of related technical performance.

As the two core parts of PV HESS, the perfect matching between PV inverter and battery storage system is very difficult. Pylon Tech, who known as the leading company of Lithium battery storage industry, has solved all the technical problems and complete the integration with most of the famous inverter producer which brings positive effect to the HESS market which promotes the global development of green energy.

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